Saturday, September 29, 2012

Steel Making

The steel makers are divided into two categories namely:
1.      The mini mills steel makers, who produce steel by melting scrap.
2.      The integrated steel mills produce steel from iron-ore.

The following block diagram focuses on the processes involved in steel making.

The process starts with the introduction of iron-ore or scrap, depending on the segment belonging of steel making, to the blast furnace. There is an addition of impurities including coke and lime to the blast furnace and the heating is carried out resulting in molten iron. The molten iron is passed to BOF where molten iron is converted to molten steel at 1600degC. The process can be also proceed by the Induction Furnace. The molten steel is transferred to ladle refining furnace so that the temperature is maintained and impurities are removed. Then the molten steel is shaped to the end product.

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