Monday, September 3, 2012

DCOM Configuration

DCOM Config (dcomcnfg) is the tool used to configure DCOM security settings. You will need to run this tool on both the client and server computer, although most of the work will be done on the server computer.
Launching DCOM Config: Start...Run...dcomcnfg

DCOM: System-wide Settings and Defaults vs. Server-specific settings
DCOM provides system-wide settings and defaults as well as server-specific settings (for the OPC Server)
A specific server (OPC server, opcenum) can use the system-wide default settings OR configure their own custom settings. A common mistake is for someone to only change the system-wide default settings without realizing that their specific server is not using these settings.

Accessing DCOM system-wide settings and defaults
Console root...Component services...Computer
Right-click "My Computer" and choose "Properties"

Accessing server-specific DCOM settings
Console root...Component services...Computer...My Computer...DCom Config
Right-click the Server and choose "Properties"


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