Monday, June 17, 2013

Field Bus Standard

The general definition of a fieldbus is any digital network designed to interconnect field-located
instruments. By this definition, HART multidrop is a type of industrial fieldbus. However, HART is
too slow to function as a practical fieldbus for many applications, so other fieldbus standards exist.
Here is a list showing many popular fieldbus standards:
• Profibus PA
• Profibus DP
• Profibus FMS
• Modbus
• AS-I
• CANbus
• ControlNET
• DeviceNet
• BACnet
The utility of digital “fieldbus” instruments becomes apparent through the host system these
instruments are connected to (typically a distributed control system, or DCS). Fieldbus-aware host
systems usually have means to provide instrument information (including diagnostics) in very easyto-
navigate formats.

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